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These are unsecured and short-term personal loans with high interest rates. You are not asked to provide a collateral to secure these loans; the loan amounts vary from $100 to $50000. Payday loans have low eligibility criteria, hence they are easy to get even with poor credit score.
This website simply acts as a platform where potential borrowers are brought in contact with lenders. Submit this online form to see if you qualify for a payday loan online. The form is then forwarded to lenders who review the information and decide whether to give out a loan or not.
There are no fees that are charged when one applies for a loan through this site. We simply provide a facilitating platform. Any fees can be charged only by the lender when you agree to take the loan. Please discuss possible fees with your final lender before signing the agreement.
There are basic requirements to apply for a loan: have a valid ID, have a valid bank account, and contact information, be able to provide proof of income and be of legal age.
Since this is a loan facilitating platform, 27 Cash Advance cannot guarantee that your loan request will be approved and cannot influence the lenders in any way.
We do not have any credit credit score requirements for applying for a loan on our site. Some lenders do have certain credit standards, however. You can apply for a loan with bad credit, but getting approved will be harder.
This is not a necessity on our site. However, some lenders might require a copy of your credit report. All lenders do run a check on the credit score of all applicants.
When it comes to payday loans the limit is usually $1500. For installment loans the limit is $5000.
The form borrowers submit is processed fast. Lenders usually review and submit their decisions within minutes after reviewing the forms submitted. Usually, a loan application that is approved gets funded within a single working day.

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