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These are unsecured and short term personal loans. You are not asked to submit collateral to access such loans; the amounts vary from $100 to $1000. These loans are named so as borrowers repay these loans by the time their next paycheck comes through. You as a borrower can negotiate the date on which the loan can be repaid with the lender. Payday loans are easily accessed. Hence, they are better for those who need cash and are in a hurry.
This website simply acts as a platform where potential borrowers are brought in contact with lenders. This facilitating platform connects one with several lenders. There is an online form that needs to be submitted to begin the loan request process. The form is then forwarded to lenders who review the information that is submitted. This website helps individuals get in touch with several potential lenders. It helps them save precious time trying to find the right kind of lenders to get cash from.
There are no fees that are charged when one applies for a loan through this site. We simply provide a facilitating platform. Any fees can be cahrged only when you agree to take a loan. Please discuss possible fees with your final lender before signing the agreement.
There are basic requirements to apply for a loan on this site which are the same as any for accessing loan in US. The basic requirements are listed in another section. There are no credit score standards or limits that one needs to keep for applying for a loan. However, there are different standards that the lender might have..
The lenders usually decide whether they will provide a loan. Since this is a loan facilitating platform, when a loan request is denied, one could submit the form afresh. You could also seek information from lenders to know the reasons for denying you access to loans. You will be able to decide where your loan request went wrong and you could avoid making these mistakes when you submit the form again.
This is a common query that many customers have. We do not have any credit standards for applying for a loan on our site. Some lenders do have certain credit standards however. It is necessary to review your ability to pay back the loan that you are requesting for. It is best to refrain from seeking a loan that you cannot pay back.
This is not a necessity on our site. However, some lenders might require a copy of your credit report. All lenders do run a check on the credit score of all applicants.
When it comes to payday loans the limit is usually a thousand dollars. The request can be placed anywhere between $100 to $3000. There are service charges and interest applicable on the amount to repay and hence it would be larger than the amount you borrow.
The form borrowers submit is processed fast. Lenders usually review and submit their terms within three minutes after perusing the forms submitted. Usually a loan application that is approved gets paid for the funds requested within a single working day.